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[audio]ao - view/room [mimi032] - ao
Rafael Toral stands as a reference for these ambiental compositions, being all six of them created by Aogu Yoshida. A dense, hipnotic trip, surprisingly relaxing, where the drones linger ad eternum and the harmonious static ressonances sit as your travelmates.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 3,362 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Amateur Zen - Dry Heat - A.O.
Mostly Music. Affecting, Bewildering, Edifying.
Keywords: amateur zen; podcast; creative commons; music; ccmusic; royalty-free; eclectic; audio; sir longrock; longrockyplace; outstandingrecords
Downloads: 2
[audio]AO2012,AO2012, - AO2012,
Keywords: AO2012
Downloads: 62
[audio]ao2600 - far from aldaraan volume 3 - ao2600
8-bit arcade noise/experimental by Army of 2600.
Keywords: ao2600, 8-bit, atari 2600, army of 2600, general mike, experimental, arcade, noise
Downloads: 42
[texts]Mathematical Structure of Evolutionary Theory - P. Ao
Here we postulate three laws which form a mathematical framework to capture the essence of Darwinian evolutionary dynamics. The second law is most quantitative and is explicitly expressed by a unique form of stochastic differential equation. A precise definition of Wright's adaptive landscape is given and a new and consistent interpretation of Fisher's fundamental theorem of natural selection is provided...
Downloads: 8
[texts]A Scenario to the Anomalous Hall Effect in the Mixed State of Superconductors - Ping Ao
We argue that the motion of vacancies in a pinned vortex lattice may dominate the contribution to the Hall effect in an appropriate parameter regime for a superconductor. Based on this consideration a model is constructed to explain the anomalous Hall effect without any modification of the basic vortex dynamic equation. Quantitative predictions are obtained. Present model can be directly tested by an observation of the vacancy motion.
Downloads: 8
[texts]Escape of trapped electrons from a helium surface: a dynamical theory - Ping Ao
We present a dynamical theory which incorporates the electron-electron correlations and the effects of external magnetic fields for an electron escaping from a helium surface. Analytical expressions for the escape rate can be obtained in various limits. In particular, the tunneling rate with a parallel magnetic field is presented explicitly.
Downloads: 6
[texts]Snapshots on Vortex Dynamics - P. Ao
Salient features of vortex dynamics in super media are summarized. Recent examples are: the demonstration of prominent role of topology in vortex dynamics; the solution to the Hall anomaly which once bothered Bardeen, de Gennes and many others; the unified microscopic treatment of both transverse and frictional forces on moving vortex. The fundamental dynamical equation of vortex matter can now be casted into the elegant form of quantum dissipative dynamics of Leggett...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Bayesian frequentist hybrid inference - Ao Yuan
Bayesian and frequentist methods differ in many aspects, but share some basic optimality properties. In practice, there are situations in which one of the methods is more preferred by some criteria. We consider the case of inference about a set of multiple parameters, which can be divided into two disjoint subsets. On one set, a frequentist method may be favored and on the other, the Bayesian. This motivates a joint estimation procedure in which some of the parameters are estimated Bayesian, and...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Theory of Hall Anomaly in the Mixed State - P. Ao
Analogous to Peierls' arguments for the `anomalous' Hall in metals I demonstrate that the Hall anomaly in the mixed state of superconductors, the sign change of the Hall resistivity, is a property of a vortex many-body correlation, and show that the anomaly is due to the competition between vortex vacancies and interstitials. Within this vortex many-body effect picture, many features of the complicated Hall effect can be understood in quantitative terms...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Lessons from vortex dynamics in super media - P. Ao
Some aspects of vortex dynamics theories are critically examined. The discussion is placed in the context of experiments on the Josephson-Anderson effect and on the Hall anomaly in the mixed state.
Downloads: 4
[texts]Stochastic Dynamical Structure (SDS) of Nonequilibrium Processes in the Absence of Detailed Balance. IV: Emerging of Stochastic Dynamical Equalities and Steady State Thermodynamics from Darwinian Dynamics - P Ao
This is the fourth paper, the last one, on solution to the problem of absence of detailed balance in nonequilibrium processes. It is an approach based on another known universal dynamics: The evolutionary dynamics first conceived by Darwin and Wallace, referring to as Darwinian dynamics in the present paper, has been found to be universally valid in biology; The statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, while enormously successful in physics, have been in an awkward situation of wanting a consis...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Yes, 60 years later we are still working hard on vortices - P. Ao
With the excitement generated by this year's Nobel Prize in physics, here I give a brief critical review of current vortex dynamics research activity, using a recent book as the background material. Two directions in which major progresses can be expected are selected: the role of vortex-phonon interaction in low temperature superfluid turbulence and the complete integration of topological method into vortex dynamics...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Metabolic Network Modelling: Including Stochastic Effects - P. Ao
We propose to model the dynamics of metabolic networks from a systems biology point of view by four dynamical structure elements: potential function, transverse matrix, degradation matrix, and stochastic force. These four elements are balanced to determine the network dynamics, which gives arise to a special stochastic differential equation supplemented by a relationship between the stochastic force and the degradation matrix...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Quantitative Measure of Stability in Gene Regulatory Networks - P. Ao
A quantitative measure of stability in stochastic dynamics starts to emerge in recent experiments on bioswitches. This quantity, similar to the potential function in mathematics, is deeply rooted in biology, dated back at the beginning of quantitative description of biological processes: the adaptive landscape of Wright (1932) and the development landscape of Waddington (1940). Nevertheless, its quantitative implication has been frequently challenged by biologists...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Magnetic Field Effect on an Electron Tunneling out of a Confining Plane - Ping Ao
The influence of a magnetic field on the tunneling of an electron out of a confining plane is studied by a path integral method. We map this 3-d problem on to a 1-d one, and find that the tunneling is strongly affected by the field. Without a perpendicular field the tunneling at zero temperature can be completely suppressed by a large parallel field, but in the small parallel field and low temperature limit the tunneling rate is finite...
Downloads: 9
[texts]Emergence of Thermodynamics from Darwinian Dynamics - P Ao
Darwinian dynamics is manifestly stochastic and nonconservative, but has a profound connection to conservative dynamics in physics. In the present paper the main ideas and logical steps leading to thermodynamics from Darwinian dynamics are discussed in a quantitative manner. A synthesis between nonequilibrum dynamics and conservative dynamics is outlined.
Downloads: 8
[texts]Dynamical Correlation Theory for an Escape Process - Ping Ao
A dynamical theory which incorporates the electron-electron correlations and the effects of external magnetic fields for an electron escaping from a helium surface is presented. The degrees of freedom in the calculation of the escape rate is reduced from $3N$ to 3 as compared with other approach. Explicit expressions for the escape rate in various situations are obtained. In particular, in the weak parallel magnetic field limit the tunneling rate has an exponential dependence quadratic with magn...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Double Counting of `Chiral Anomaly' in a Model Study of Primordial Baryogenesis - P. Ao
In this comment to the Nature paper of Bevan et al I point out that their interpretation of experimental data is based on a double counting of the `chiral anomaly' due to a vortex motion: using the calculation far away from the vortex core (Berry phase) to cancel the equivalent calculation at the core (spectral flow). The relaxation time approximation in force or momentum balance equation involved in their theory is also wrong, which has been rigorous proved in transport theory since 60's...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Invalidity of Classes of Approximated Hall Effect Calculations - P. Ao
In this comment, I point out a number of approximated derivations for the effective equation of motion, now been applied to d-wave superconductors by Kopnin and Volovik are invalid. The major error in those approximated derivations is the inappropriate use of the relaxation time approximation in force-force correlation functions, or in force balance equations, or in similar variations. This approximation is wrong and unnecessary.
Downloads: 2
[texts]Stochastic Dynamical Structure (SDS) of Nonequilibrium Processes in the Absence of Detailed Balance. III: potential function in local stochastic dynamics and in steady state of Boltzmann-Gibbs type distribution function - P. Ao
From a logic point of view this is the third in the series to solve the problem of absence of detailed balance. This paper will be denoted as SDS III. The existence of a dynamical potential with both local and global meanings in general nonequilibrium processes has been controversial. Following an earlier explicit construction by one of us (Ao, J. Phys. {\bf A37}, L25 '04, arXiv:0803.4356, referred to as SDS II), in the present paper we show rigorously its existence for a generic class of situat...
Downloads: 20
[texts]Two years later--lessons from vortex dynamics in super media - P. Ao
Two years ago the reasons for resistance to the fundamental vortex dynamics in super media emerged in 1990's were analyzed (cond-mat/0407007). Five "mistakes" were identified to explain this resistance. Given the current tremendous interest in vortex dynamics, it would be desirable to provide a progress report: A survey of literature reveals that 3 out 5 "mistakes" has in fact been confirmed by other researchers.
Downloads: 5
[texts]Spectral Flow, the Magnus Force, and the Josephson-Anderson Relation - P. Ao
Based on a recent work (Thouless, Ao, and Niu, Transverse force on a quantized vortex in a superfluid) I show that the spectral or momentum flow due to a moving vortex is identical to the phase slippage process discussed by Josephson and Anderson. I also show that the force due to the spectral flow is the reaction force of the Magnus force, and that the two forces act on different objects. Therefore one can conclude that the evaluation of the spepctral flow confirms the results by the Berry's ph...
Downloads: 8
[texts]Laws in Darwinian Evolutionary Theory - P Ao
In the present article the recent works to formulate laws in Darwinian evolutionary dynamics are discussed. Although there is a strong consensus that general laws in biology may exist, opinions opposing such suggestion are abundant. Based on recent progress in both mathematics and biology, another attempt to address this issue is made in the present article. Specifically, three laws which form a mathematical framework for the evolutionary dynamics in biology are postulated...
Downloads: 5
[audio]Machine - An Instrumental Two-Track Pre-Demo - Mika Ao
Machine-like rhythms, dirty guitars, corrosive synths and dreamy cellos. Two instrumental pre-demo tracks from a five-track demo currently in the works.
Keywords: Noise/Experimental Rock
Downloads: 739
[texts]Origin of Hall Anomaly in the Mixed State - P. Ao
There has been a corporative absence of understanding of Hall anomaly data in the mixed state in terms of vortex many-body effect and pinning, because of the dominant theoretical influence. Now D'Anna et al. [ Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 2530 (1998) (cond-mat/9808164)] are brave enough to announce the prominent role played by vortex many-body effect and pinning in their interpretation of their own data. Here I wish to point out: (1) Indeed the data of D'Anna et al...
Downloads: 9
[texts]Nernst Effect, Seebeck Effect, and Vortex Dynamics in the Mixed State of Superconductors - P. Ao
Based on the vortex dynamics with the Magnus force and a two-fluid model we have derived a set of explicit expressions between the Nernst and Seebeck coefficients, and the Hall and longitudinal resistivities in the linear response regime of the mixed state of superconductors. Effects of vortex pinning are included. The expressions are found to be in agreement with available experimental data. Present results are valid for large as well as for small Hall angle samples, and if Hall angle terms are...
Downloads: 13
[texts]Possible Laws for Artificial Life Evolution - P. Ao
Motivated by a recent article on open problems in artificial life, here I postulate three laws which form a mathematical framework to describe artificial life evolutionary dynamics. They are based on a continuous approximation of population dynamics. Four dynamical elements are required in this formulation: ascendant matrix, transverse matrix, fitness function, and the stochastic drive. The first law states that in the absence of stochastic drive the artificial life always seeks for a local fitn...
Downloads: 18
[texts]Quantitative Resolution to some "Absolute Discrepancies" in Cancer Theories: a View from Phage lambda Genetic Switch - P. Ao
Is it possible to understand cancer? Or more specifically, is it possible to understand cancer from genetic side? There already many answers in literature. The most optimistic one has claimed that it is mission-possible. Duesberg and his colleagues reviewed the impressive amount of research results on cancer accumulated over 100 years. It confirms the a general opinion that considering all available experimental results and clinical observations there is no cancer theory without major difficulti...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Stochastic Dynamical Structure (SDS) of Nonequilibrium Processes in the Absence of Detailed Balance. II: construction of SDS with nonlinear force and multiplicative noise - P. Ao
There is a whole range of emergent phenomena in non-equilibrium behaviors can be well described by a set of stochastic differential equations. Inspired by an insight gained during our study of robustness and stability in phage lambda genetic switch in modern biology, we found that there exists a classification of generic nonequilibrium processes: In the continuous description in terms of stochastic differential equations, there exists four dynamical elements: the potential function $\phi$, the f...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Stochastic Force Defined Evolution in Dynamical Systems - P. Ao
Dynamics near and far away from thermal equilibrium is studied within the framework of Langevin equations. A stochasticity-dissipation relation is proposed to emphasize the equal importance of the stochastic and deterministic forces in describing the system's evolution and destination. It is a generalization of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem. Close to a stationary state an explicit construction of the potential energy is given through a gauged singular decomposition...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Comment on "Magnus force and acoustic Stewart-Tolman effect in type-II superconductors, by Fil et al - P Ao
Fil {\it et al.} has proposed an interesting experimental method to investigate vortex dynamics. Some preliminary results have been obtained. In this comment I discuss a few missing but strongly related theoretical models and experiments on Hall anomaly and Magnus force. I conclude that those missing literature can enhance the value of novel experimental method proposed in the commented 2006 Europhysics Letters by Fil {\it et al.}.
Downloads: 13
[texts]Is Adaptive Landscape in Biology a Metaphor or a Quantitative Concept? or Both? - P. Ao
Some biologists accept Wright's adaptive landscape idea, believing it is one of most profound concepts in evolutionary dynamics. Some wouldn't, believing that "the idea that there is such a quantity remains one of the most widely held popular misconceptions about evolution." The two groups usually have very limited communication with each other. Sometimes such isolation can be good, because it protects budding ideas in a harsh environment...
Downloads: 9
[texts]Darwinian Dynamics Implies Developmental Ascendency - P Ao
A tendency in biological theorizing is to formulate principles above or equal to Evolution by Variation and Selection of Darwin and Wallace. In this letter I analyze one such recent proposal which did so for the developmental ascendency. I show that though the idea of developmental ascendency is brilliant, this is in wrong order in the hierarchical structure of biological theories and can easily generate confusing...
Downloads: 13
[texts]Motion of Vacancies in a Pinned Vortex Lattice: Origin of the Hall Anomaly - P. Ao
Physical arguments are presented to show that the Hall anomaly is an effect of the vortex many-body correlation rather than that of an individual vortex. Quantitatively, the characteristic energy scale in the problem, the vortex vacancy formation energy, is obtained for thin films. At low temperatures a scaling relation between the Hall and longitudinal resistivities is found, with the power depending on sample details...
Downloads: 11
[image]Img 5920. Thumb W 600 - ao cuoi
ao cuoi
Keywords: ao cuoi
Downloads: 12 (1 review)
[texts]Boltzmann-Gibbs Distribution of Fortune and Broken Time-Reversible Symmetry in Econodynamics - P. Ao
Within the description of stochastic differential equations it is argued that the existence of Boltzmann-Gibbs type distribution in economy is independent of the time reversal symmetry in econodynamics. Both power law and exponential distributions can be accommodated by it. The demonstration is based on a mathematical structure discovered during a study in gene regulatory network dynamics. Further possible analogy between equilibrium economy and thermodynamics is explored.
Downloads: 15
[texts]Hall anomaly in mixed state of superconductors and vortex dynamics - P. Ao
The present author has long argued, with concrete predictions, that both longitudinal and transverse (Hall) resistivities in the mixed state of superconductors are dominated by vortex many-body effect. Hence there is no need to introduce various ad hoc vortex dynamics theories. It is interesting to note this point of view is now slowly creeping into the work of his most fierce opponents.
Downloads: 7
[texts]AO, la fantastique légende - Groupe AO
Communiqué annonçant la première saison du spectacle AO, la fantastique légende
Keywords: Raôul Duguan
Downloads: 43
[texts]Needle Stick Injuries and Health Workers: A Preventable Menace. (Volume 4) - Adefolalu, AO
This article is from Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research, volume 4.AbstractNone
Downloads: 2
[texts]Effect of Vinpocetine (Cognitol(TM)) on Cognitive Performances of a Nigerian Population. (Volume 4) - Ogunrin, AO
This article is from Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research, volume 4.AbstractBackground:: Chronic medical disorders are often complicated by cognitive impairments, making medical intervention that can alleviate cognitive disturbances desirable. Vinpocetine enhances cerebral utilization of oxygen and glucose and consequently improves cerebral functions including memory. Aim:: This study assessed the efficacy of vinpocetine (Cognitol™) in improving memory and concentration in cognitivel...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Quantum Dynamics of Topological Singularities: Feynman's Influence Functional Approach - P. Ao
Starting from the microscopic theory of Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) for the fermionic superfluids, we show that the vortex dynamics can be followed naturally by extending Feynman's influence functional approach to incorporate the transverse force. There is a striking mutual independence of the transverse and longitudinal influences: The former has the topological origin and is insensitive to details, while the latter corresponds to the well-known damping kernel depending on details.
Downloads: 11
[texts]The Fight Goes On! An Introduction to the NSDAP/AO - NSDAP/AO
A pamphlet about Gerhard Lauck hate group/mail order enterprise
Keywords: neo-nazism
Downloads: 508 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Ao1372 - Ao1372
Downloads: 22
[audio]Teaching English in Japan Podcast 062 - ET & AO
Keywords: Japan
Downloads: 2,632
[texts]Tunneling with the Lorentz Force and the Friction - Ping Ao
We present a semiclassical study of a transport process, the tunneling, in the presence of a magnetic field and a dissipative environment. We have found that the problem can be mapped onto an effective one-dimensional one, and the tunneling rate is strongly affected by the magnetic field, such as a complete suppression by a large parallel magnetic field, an example of the dynamical localization. In such case a small perpendicular component of the field, or the dissipation, can enhance the tunnel...
Downloads: 13
[texts]Introdukce k NSDAP/AO: Boj Pokračuje! - NSDAP/AO
The NSDAP/AO major original pamphlet in Czech
Keywords: neo-nazism; Czech Republic
Downloads: 431
[texts]Die NSDAP/AO: Strategie, Propaganda und Organisation - NSDAP/AO
The NSDAP/AO: Strategy, Propaganda and Organization. A pamphlet setting out the goals of the organization when it was founded in 1976
Keywords: neo-nazism
Downloads: 892
[texts]Eine Einfuhrung zur NSDAP/AO: Der Kampf geht weiter! - NSDAP/AO
An Introductions to the NSDAP/AO: The Struggle Goes On!
Keywords: neo-nazism; Germany
Downloads: 1,046
[texts]NSDAP/AO: Le Combat Continuee - NSDAP/AO
The NSDAP/AO booklet en Francaise
Keywords: neo-nazism; France
Downloads: 1,410
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